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Nico Fernández

Retail Consulting Analyst

Nico is a retail and business enthusiast who passionately works to optimize enterprise performance. He leverages his own direct experience in retail and his academic background in business economics to deliver value on both strategic and operational fronts. He enjoys helping clients strike the balance between art and science when running their businesses and looks to impart meaningful best practices to the businesses he works with.

Previously, Nico worked at Guess where he consistently ranked as a top sales associate at one of the company’s highest performing stores, a testament to his ability to promote products through exceptional customer service and strategic product placement. In addition, Nico also worked in Goldman Sachs’ Private Wealth division where he worked closely with advisors to optimize portfolios via thorough market analyses.

Being of Cuban descent, Nico is fluent in both English and Spanish and devotes most of his time to the LATAM practice. Nico is a graduate of the University of Chicago where he earned his degree in Business Economics.