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Retail Innovations 12

Retail Innovations 12 is here!

For a copy of this year’s book, please visit here.

Neil Stern shares his retail predictions

Neil Stern shares his retail predictions and assesses the environment of innovation…  [Read his predictions]

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BRANDS GOING RETAIL –  Accelerating Growth through Consumer-Direct Channels

Ebeltoft Group´s 2016 Brands Going Retail report studies the global trend of brands opening owned retail stores, underpinning their commitment to establish critical direct relationships with the end consumer.

The latest Ebeltoft Group report outlines the key insights and recommendations for Going Retail, while analyzing the trend across the globe:

  • Define the role of the direct-to-consumer channel within the overall strategy
  • Actively manage the direct-to-consumer channels with existing channels to optimize growth and profitability
  • Develop direct-to-consumer competencies
  • Make it an experience and make it outstanding
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Is Jet Day In Our Future?

October 9th, 2017|0 Comments

Jet announced the return of JetCash two weeks ago, and the normal noise that accompanies a Wal-Mart / Amazon announcement was… muted. It shouldn’t be. Amazon has proven that a company can create a shopping [...]

Amazon Is ‘Upping The Game’ With Brick And Mortar Locations

October 6th, 2017|0 Comments

Amazon's newest brick and mortar location opened this week in Chicago. Amazon’s newest brick and mortar location in Chicago opened this week – a Campus Pick-Up point in the heart of the DePaul-Lincoln [...]

Lidl Reshuffles U.S. Management Supervision: Move Suggesting Challenges Here In The U.S.

September 29th, 2017|0 Comments

The spacious entry at Lidl. Photo by Neil Stern. According to German trade press, Lidl announced a management change that will lead to new supervision in Germany of the U.S. market. Though local [...]

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