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Mara Devitt

Senior Partner

Mara has more than 35 years of consulting experience. She leverages her unique background in Technology and Retail to help clients identify new opportunities, innovate and execute profitable growth.

Mara specializes in the customer-facing elements of retail, designing Customer Experiences that bring a retailer’s unique positioning to life supported by an operating model that can scale profitably. Mara has led global research and benchmarking programs on retail practices and has developed and delivered education courses to top talent at retailers around the world.

With extensive experience collaborating with complex global organizations with multi-unit and multi-country structures, Mara has consulted on projects for clients such as Samsung, Nike, Asics and Intel as well as regional retailers such as Publix, Casey’s, Good Food Holdings, Vinoteca (Mexico), Liverpool (Mexico), new concepts and startups like Dom’s Kitchen & Market as well as diligence projects for investors in the retail industry and solution providers targeting the retail space.

Prior to joining McMillanDoolittle, Mara spent 20 years at Accenture as an executive in the Retail and Consumer Products practice. During her tenure there, Mara spent several years as the operations director of The Retail Place, a global center for retail innovation and expertise.

Mara is the Vice-Chair of the National Retail Federation’s Associate Member Council and is a member of the Board of Directors of the Ebeltoft Group, a global consortium of consulting firms focused on the Retail and Consumer Products industry segments. Mara holds Masters Degrees in Computer Science and Finance from DePaul University where she was a Searle Scholar and a B.S. degree from the University of Notre Dame.