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Walmart, Continuing To Court A New Kind Of Customer, Paints It Jetblack

As the excitement of Walmart’s annual meeting dies down this week, it is pretty clear that the company is making a concerted attempt to court a more upscale consumer. The new website delivers a more lifestyle-driven experience that simplifies navigation and significantly declutters the homepage….


Walmart Shows Off its New and Improved Website

Walmart has invested in an extensive overhaul of their online experience to be a little less like, well, Walmart. Relaunched last month, the new site creates a more lifestyle-driven experience that showcases relatable photography with more localized and personalized features that are significantly differentiated. A…


Why Facebook May Actually Be Winning.

Over 2 billion active users visited Facebook each month in 2017.   Facebook connected those 2 billion users to 6 million advertisers and generated nearly $40 billion in advertising revenue for the company.  In turn, that marketing spend created something rare for CMO’s at brands and…