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Talk a Bao an Experience

Technology first, restaurant second, was the basis of the original concept known as Eatsa, the fully automated restaurant that pioneered a seamless ordering experience by delivering tremendous speed and delivery of food into a touchscreen cubicle. Not only was the experience fun and interactive, but it was an immaculate display of technology in action that works. 

In their quest to redefine retail, Eatsa made the tough decision to close the New York locations and focus on where the success of the concept stems from, the technology. Shifting its focus from Quinoa, Eatsa is carrying on the success of the technology and the elevated experience through partnerships with established food concepts across the country. First up is Chicago-based Wow Bao, a fast-casual restaurant concept specializing in buns, dumplings, and rice and noodle bowls, that is utilizing the Eatsa platform for an automated (and fast) experience.

So, we experienced Wow Bao for ourselves and were just as impressed. The technology both on the computer ordering side and mobile app side worked seamlessly (as it did when we visited Eatsa) and we received our order in one minute. Yes, one minute! Less than the 90 seconds they promise to customers, and timing that is unheard of in the industry. How do they do it?

One word, simplicity. A single customer service associate, mobile app, and four ordering screens. Swipe your card, select your menu items, watch them on the screen, and boom! Delivery. A simple, curated menu of items makes choice easy and quick on the back end. Customers are also able to order using the fully integrated mobile experience before even entering the restaurant. Once orders are submitted through the computers, the back of house is quick to assemble and deliver without human contact. If submitting an order through the app, an intuitive menu automatically pops up to place your order. A multi-sensory experience that allows customers to linger and watch their name disappear from the main screen and pop onto their touch-screen enabled cubby pickup. Food comes out fast, fresh, and hot off the press ready to enjoy.

We are eager to see the evolution of Eatsa’s technology make its way across other concepts in the area and beyond. Stay tuned.



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