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Image Source: Supermarket News

Earlier this month, McMillanDoolittle’s Emerson Delgado joined Takeoff Technologies co-founder and President Max Pedro to headline a webinar hosted by Supermarket News to discuss the pandemic-fueled explosion in online grocery sales and the challenge retailers face in keeping up with demand while maintaining overall profitability.

Delgado expanded on key topics and implications in grocery ecommerce today:

  • The pandemic accelerated online grocery growth by 5 years, with nationwide penetration surpassing 10% last year
  • Growth in E-commerce demand is expected to continue at a strong pace, crossing the 20% penetration threshold by 2025
  • Retailers have four main fulfillment options when it comes to meeting this elevated demand: In-store Picking, Dark Stores, Micro-fulfillment Centers, and Centralized Fulfillment Centers; each model has its own efficiency and profitability tradeoffs
  • Delgado discussed the best framework and most important factors for retailers to consider when choosing how to deploy various fulfillment technologies into their network
  • We offered our take on the increasingly popular vision for the “Store of the Future,” which will seamlessly employ fulfillment technology and intuitive layouts to make the consumer shopping experience more efficient, convenient and customer-centric

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Emerson Delgado

Emerson leads McMillanDoolittle projects from start to completion, working collaboratively with client and internal stakeholders on strategic growth planning, digital transformation, consumer insights, and operational implementation initiatives.

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