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Trends Spotlight from RI 2021: How Leaders are Surviving and Thriving by Unlocking Omni-Integrations

For almost two decades, McMillanDoolittle has been tracking cutting edge concepts from around the world. Retail Innovations 2021 includes 50 cases from 15 countries around the world categorized into the following four trends: omni-integration, extreme convenience, extreme experience, and sustainable practices.

The first trend we spotlight in Retail Innovations 2021 is Omni-Integration. Best-in-class retailers know that in order to serve their customers where, when, and how they want to be served, they must offer an integrated experience with all channels working in harmony. The retail concepts and brands highlighted for their leadership in Omni-Integration encompass a range of capabilities, everything from click and collect, augmented reality assistants, endless aisle, lockers, data-driven stores, etc.

This week, we are sharing an example from the section on Omni-Integration. Download here to read more about the other retailers and concepts highlighted in Retail Innovations 2021.

Carturesti Flagship in Bucharest. Photo Credit: Solo Sophie


Carturesti is one of the largest bookstores in Romania and a pioneer in new concept experimentation and embracing innovation. When the Covid-19 lockdowns hit, their stores were forced to close and online sales represented only 10% of revenue. Instead of standing by passively, waiting for the crisis to end, this retailer got creative. Through a partnership with Mega Image, Carturesti launched “book islands” in select Mega Image grocery stores, making their products available for sale in one of the few store categories that remained open and busy with customers. Not only did this help to minimize the lost business resulting from store closures, but it also provided customers access to products that had potential to improve their lives under lockdown.

Furthermore, Carturesti did not just stop at books.

Carturesti “Book Island”. Photo Credit: Carturesti

An additional partnership with an online specialty retailer allowed them to offer other product categories to a new and expanded customer base.

Why We are Inspired. Carturesti recognized early in the pandemic that they needed to pivot to be successful. They identified where their customers would be spending their time and formed strategic partnerships benefiting all parties involved.

Stay tuned as we continue highlighting examples from each of our four key trend areas. Follow along with us on our blog and our Instagram feed and stories.

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Alyson Fischer

Alyson Fischer is an engagement manager and cross-functional leader with 10+ years of experience helping Global 100 clients tell data-driven stories to elevate the customer experience and inspire dynamic engagement across channels.

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