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Trends Spotlight from RI 2021: How Leaders are Surviving and Thriving by Offering Extreme Convenience

For almost two decades, McMillanDoolittle has been tracking cutting edge concepts from around the world. Retail Innovations 2021 includes 50 cases from 15 countries around the world categorized into the following four trends: omni-integration, extreme convenience, extreme experience, and sustainable practices.

The second trend we spotlight in our blog series covering Retail Innovations 2021 is Extreme Convenience. Now more than ever, customers demand a fricitonless shopping experience, and advancements in technology make the delivery of one possible. The spread of COVID-19 has accelerated this trend in the form of contactless offerings, and economic headwinds continue to put downward pressure on a consumer’s time. The retailers lauded for their leadership in conveneince in Retail Innovations 2021 are removing barriers across the entire customer journey by incorporating services such as subscriptions and alternative pick-up options as well as leveraging technology to streamline both back of house and front of house operations.

This week, we are sharing an example from the section on Extreme Convenience. Download here to read more about the other retailers and concepts highlighted in Retail Innovations 2021.

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Box by Posti

Inspired by changing consumer behavior and operated by the Finnish Postal Service, Box is designed to be the “perfect place to pick up online orders” that fills the void between online shopping and home. Here, customers can pick up their online orders, try on clothing purchases in the provided fitting rooms, and easily return unwanted items for free using complimentary packaging materials and easy-to-use digital kiosks.

Photo Credit: Dezeen

In addition to frictionless order pick-up and returns, Box has a designated area for customers to easily recycle their boxes, establishing greater sustainability in the customer journey. Box also offers a showroom space that brands can use to display product and increase awareness. Each service area is color-coded, making it easy for customers to self-navigate to find what they need.

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Why We are Inspired. Box is a one stop shop for customers where they can pick-up, try-on, return and recycle product and packaging from online orders. The color-coded “zones” enable customers to self-navigate the space, and the services offered remove additional pain points in the online shopping journey. In addition, Box offers brands a platform to expose customers to their products in a physical space.

Stay tuned as we continue highlighting examples from each of our four key trend areas. Follow along with us on our blog and our Instagram feed and stories.

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Alyson Fischer

Alyson Fischer is an engagement manager and cross-functional leader with 10+ years of experience helping Global 100 clients tell data-driven stories to elevate the customer experience and inspire dynamic engagement across channels.

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