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Spyce via Boston Globe

Spyce Brings Culinary Excellence Rooted by Technology

Spyce is the one of the first restaurants to feature a completely robotic kitchen cooking complex, nutritious, tasty meals. Located in Boston, the restaurant is the brainchild of four M.I.T. graduates based on a vision of cooking affordable, healthy food, robotically, delivering at the intersection of technology and hospitality as more restaurants and retailers move to automate many of their practices.

The restaurant offers meal bowls at low prices, starting at $7.50, using fresh ingredients. Every step of the process, from mixing ingredients to cooking and serving, is automated. This allows for quick cooking, with meals prepared in under three minutes.

The restaurant brings culinary inspiration with leadership from Michelin Star Chef, Daniel Boulud. Boulud provides menu direction along with Sam Benson, executive chef; and together they choose the menu and train staff on the customer experience.

In an age when labor wages are rising, companies are investing in automated enhancements to improve the customer experience, while reducing labor costs. Robots and AI are entering every industry to bring more efficiency to the process. Spyce is one of the leaders in benchmarking industry standards. Balancing robotics with culinary excellence can be tough, but the enterprise is succeeding in every way.

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By Alex Kaufmann


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