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Smart Shopping – Retail Innovations Trend Spotlight

Consumers today are busier than ever and looking for ways to automate their lifestyle. Smart shopping makes consumers lives easier, simpler and more efficient, without compromising the quality of products or the shopping experience.

Smart shopping often is driven by the use of technology that capitalizes on simplifying the experience. In today’s retail environment it is important to deliver a simple and convenient offering enabled by technology to streamline the process. Smart Shopping brings smarter in-store solutions that make the buying decision simpler, easier, faster. Optimizing the layout of the store, convenient delivery options, subscription plans, fast check-out, easy store navigation and fast, on-the-go food are just a few examples of how retailers and brands are shaking up the experience to make it easier to shop smarter.

Smart Shopping also means knowing the customer. The use of artificial intelligence and IoT are evolving to ensure a personalized shopping experience. Personalization is key when creating a smart shopping experience, as tailored experiences and products cater to individual needs.

Nordstrom Local is a great example of smart shopping in action. Nordstrom’s newest format covers a much smaller footprint with only 3,000 square feet, and doesn’t stock merchandise. Instead a limited number of products are available for customers to view and to try on. The store focuses on offering services like click & collect.

The L.A. Nordstrom Local also offers numerous services, such as alterations for clothes, personal stylists, shoe and handbag repair, and same-day delivery. Customers are able to pick up online orders and can also get their nails done.

The store delivers on:

  • Efficiency: By eliminating most of the merchandise from the store, the company reduced its store space, freeing it to focus on services, while creating an omnichannel experience.
  • Simplicity: Reducing the size of the store and the amount of merchandise allows for a simpler store design and greater ease for customers to find what they’re looking for.
  • Services: The store provides alterations for clothes, personal stylists, shoe/handbag repair and same-day delivery. Customers can pick up online orders.

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By Alex Kaufmann


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