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Retail Innovations 12 is here!

We are proud to announce our 12th edition of Retail Innovations is here! For the past 12 years, Ebeltoft Group has been tracking innovative retail concepts across the globe. Many factors are pushing retailers to accelerate the rhythm of their reinvention: digitalization and retail-tech creativity; new, more horizontal relationships between brands and customers; and the surge toward radical differentiation in stagnating markets.

In addition to new game-changing retailers developing disruptive formats, more traditional retailers have launched reinvention as well. The 26 member companies of Ebeltoft Group witness this through consulting projects across all regions, formats and industries. Retailers are racing to create new formats, offer new added values and explore new frontiers. Retail Innovations highlights a selection of these bold initiatives.

What Retail Innovations also does is demonstrate the intimate involvement of the customer in the innovation process. If technology remains a major driver for innovation, it must be applied usefully to serve consumer needs. Most of the innovations showcased in this issue rely on a deep, intimate understanding of how people live, dream and shop.

What if the next retail revolution is…the customer?

The 12th edition showcases the four hot trends of the year:

  • Smart Shopping 
  • Interactions
  • Brand Intensity
  • Responsibility

We are pleased to announce that this year´s global sponsor of Retail Innovations 12 is the International Council of Shopping Centers. The ICSC is the Premier Resource for the Retail Real Estate Industry.

You can download a free copy of our book here. We also offer one day seminars on our yearly publication of Retail Innovations, and can tailor the presentation experience to your industry needs. Contact us today at


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