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Nike is a Pioneer in the Future of 3-D Internet with its Metaverse Gaming Platform ‘NIKELAND’

‘NIKELAND’ Offers Consumers a Cutting-Edge Platform for Brand Engagement

Nike launched its first Metaverse gaming platform in partnership with Roblox on Nov. 18. The gaming metaverse refers to a series of interconnected virtual worlds where users can leverage virtual and augmented reality, navigating these spaces using personal avatars. Roblox, a metaverse-enabled video game platform, has significant market share in the gaming industry, with 43.2 million daily, and over 200 million monthly active users respectively. ‘NIKELAND’ transports gamers to a virtual replica of Nike’s Global Headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon.

Here’s what’s in store on Nike’s corner of the metaverse:

  • Choose from a Series of Pre-built Games or Create Your Own: Players can choose from a series of pre-built games such as tag, dodgeball and “the floor is lava”. However, the platform offers infinite opportunities for customization, enabling users to create interactive sport games of their own using the NIKELAND tool kit.

Source: Roblox/ NIKELAND

  • Real-life Movement Transfers into Online Play: Using the accelerometers in mobile devices, players can incorporate real life movements into NIKELAND games. Activities such as long jumps and speed runs invite active participation, with movements transferring into in-game results.

Source: Roblox/ NIKELAND

  • Avatars Shop and Wear Virtual Nike Product: Users can browse the NIKELAND Showroom and select shoes, apparel, and accessories to dress their virtual avatar.

Source: Nike

The Metaverse Boasts Opportunities Far Beyond Gaming

The metaverse experience offers an invaluable service to consumers: access. In Nike’s case, customers from all over the world can experience not only the likeness of the Oregon HQ, but Nike “products” and sport, free from the cost of product and equipment that could otherwise serve as barriers to participation. NIKELAND’s interactive component was not unintentional, as another crucial goal of the platform was to increase activity among its consumer base. The metaverse’s hybrid physical-virtual infrastructure is prime real estate for Nike to propagate its brand experience, while simultaneously incorporating physical engagement.

While Nike’s experience is free (for now), the unveiling of NIKELAND runs parallel with Nike’s attempt to monetize its metaverse pursuits. Just prior to launching NIKELAND, Nike filed trademark applications that suggested it would sell digital versions of its product online in virtual worlds. For both free and paid iterations of its virtual product, Nike has a lucrative opportunity to use virtual trends as a mirror to consumers’ physical product and style preferences.

Nike Unites its Physical and Digital Presence in Stores this Holiday Season

Nike continues to innovate ways to link its physical and digital assets; the company most recently invited kids to the Nike Play Research Lab, across select stores globally. Participants were challenged to “reimagine sport” through interactive games and ideating new product. Nike will also bring its digital experience to its New York City Flagship House of Innovation in partnership with Snapchat starting in December. Bringing its digital presence to stores increases customers’ awareness of the full breadth of experiences Nike offers, creating a comprehensive, cohesive brand experience for customers, as these events frame their shopping experience this holiday season.

Nike Play Research Lab Source: Byron Panaia via LinkedIn

As it stands in the present, most of these virtual worlds are confined to tablets and PCs. However, as VR technology continues to advance making hardware more affordable, there will be opportunities for additional physical engagement on the platform. To learn more about our digital transformation services and how we can help you stay on top of the latest digital trends, contact us. To stay up to date on our latest retail insights, follow us on LinkedIn.

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