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German Food Retailer TYPY Leverages Robotics to Reinvent the Grocery Experience

Trend Spotlight from RI 2022: TYPY Unveils Fully Automated Store for Unmatched Convenience  

This week we are highlighting a grocery innovator from our recently published Retail Innovations 2022 report under the Efficiency-in-store theme. This section includes companies that offer game-changing in-store digital tools, smart services, robotics, smart shelves and communications, omnichannel pick-up points, and cashier-less payment to foster a highly efficient in-store experience.

Today we feature TYPY, a German company that rethinks the traditional supermarket with a robotics-enabled grocerant experience. Read on to learn more about TYPY’s new concept grounded in providing the quickest and easiest food shopping experience.

A Curated Assortment to Meet Daily Pandemic Needs with a Light Footprint

TYPY opened its automated grocerant location in November of 2020 to provide an efficient and contactless grocery option that consumers were hungry for amidst the pandemic’s early ebbs and flows. Since then, the company has announced plans for a national expansion in Germany following the successful pilot. The offering includes a curated range of daily necessities and convenience-driven products, including chef-prepared local foods, regionally roasted coffee, entertaining and household essentials. From its initial launch, TYPY set its sights on a sustainable operation, implementing environmentally friendly-packaging and partnering with local food and beverage suppliers.

Contactless, 24/7 Convenience Powered by Robotics

Consumers place an order through the TYPY app or simply order inside the store. Robots pick digitally placed orders behind the scenes, enabling seamless and precise picking in seconds. The experience is contactless, cashless, and cashier-less.  When a consumer arrives, they scan their smartphone or their receipt, and their order is ready immediately at a pick-up terminal. The fully automated process eliminates need for a queue.

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The robotics-enabled operation enables around the clock open hours while eliminating staffing needs on site. The app is centered on data-driven personalized recommendations and enables digital payment.

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Source: TYPY

Why We are Inspired

TYPY’s futuristic concept presents an efficient solution for the needs and lifestyles of the time-strapped urban consumer. The store blends technologically-enabled convenience with a desire for local, high-quality products and has sustainability embedded into the business model. TYPY’s concept has already set new standards in convenience that continues in its roll-out of additional fully-digitized stores.

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