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Foxtrot on Track to Become the Convenience Store of the Future

Trend Spotlight from RI 2022: Foxtrot’s Modern Stores Redefine Convenience Retailing

This week we are highlighting an elevated convenience concept from our recently published Retail Innovations 2022 report under the Efficiency-out-of-store theme. This section includes companies that offer innovative and convenient solutions that save people time and hassle, including rapid delivery, curbside pickup, smart orders, virtual product experiences, and services with added flexibility.

Today we feature Foxtrot, a Chicago-based company that is reinventing the convenience store experience fit for a Millennial and Gen Z consumer base.  Read on to learn more about Foxtrot’s unique concept that is stretching its legs to several new U.S. markets this year.

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Foxtrot’s Upscale Convenience Store Gains National Traction

Foxtrot is an upscale omnichannel convenience startup that recently secured $100 million in Series C funding for increased expansion efforts. The company currently operates 17 stores across Chicago, Dallas, and Washington D.C., with an 18th store coming soon to Virginia. The brand offers a curated selection of essentials including prepared foods, grocery, wine and spirits, snacks, sweets, personal care, and gifts with a focus on local suppliers delivered with a Millennial and Gen Z-approved aesthetic. The company has more recently focused on growing its private label assortment while maintaining strong partnerships with local, quality-driven brands.

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Foxtrot’s stores transform throughout the day, designed around its target consumer’s daily routine, from a coffee shop in the morning, to a lunch spot in the afternoon, to a wine bar at night. Foxtrot’s omnichannel capabilities are seamlessly integrated into the experience. The company offers 5-minute Café Pickup, local delivery within 30 minutes, and $10 shipping across the continental U.S. The Foxtrot app supports the shopping experience in and out of the store via tools such as mobile ordering and a loyalty QR code at checkout.

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Image Source: Insider Trends

Foxtrot Pursues Brick and Mortar Expansion and Omnichannel Upgrades

Flush with new funding, Foxtrot plans to open 25 new stores in 2022 across a variety of cities in the U.S. Leadership is reportedly slating 4-6 initial new locations in each market before further committing stores. As part of the latest funding round, Foxtrot will also triple the size of its engineering staff and test cashier-less technology and computer visioning equipment to further enhance its convenience capabilities. The brand will hire new technical staff to augment its logistics, payments, inventory management, personalization capabilities, and its Perks loyalty program to deliver an increasingly connected consumer experience.

Why We are Inspired

Foxtrot has a fully omnichannel experience that represents a clear departure from your typical convenience store.  Their store locations are convenient to where their consumers live and work, making it an easy choice for any meal or meet up occasion with a pleasant and modern ambiance. The product offering is “just right” for this target with a carefully curated assortment. The digital platform extends the connection beyond the store with personalized communications and promotions.

Stay tuned as we continue highlighting inspiring examples from each of our five key trend areas in the coming weeks. Follow along with us on our blog and our Instagram feed and stories.

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