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Elevate Your Retail Game: Explore the World’s 50 Coolest Retailers for Innovation Inspiration

Retailers win by continually enticing, exciting, and surprising consumers with innovative, creative, and new experiences. McMillanDoolittle always stays attuned to the latest innovation trends and shares insights to help our clients stay ahead. We invite our retail readers to discover the latest publication by the Ebeltoft Group and the World Retail Congress, “World’s Coolest Retailers Report,” which aims to inspire creative thinking by showcasing 50 of the “coolest” retailers from countries such as Canada, Great Britain, and Japan. 

Nominations in this report were deemed “cool” by examining three criteria: 

  • Creativity: Does it have an X-factor?
  • Cult-Following: Is it contributing to culture? 
  • Commercial: Is it delivering competitive advantage? 

Download the World’s Coolest Retailers Report today to see what lies ahead in the future of retail and to gain inspiration and answers to “What’s next?” for your company. 

For a glimpse into the findings, check out a few examples below of how visionary entrepreneurs are redefining the industry with omnichannel strategies that blend physical and virtual spaces into unique retail destinations. 

  • ON Running Sustainable Subscription Model: Across 34 countries worldwide, ON Running offers its innovative Cloudneo shoes exclusively through the Cyclon subscription model for $30/month where shoes are replaced every six months. Instead of discarding worn sneakers, customers return them to ON Running, promoting sustainability.
ON Running

Photo Credit: World’s Coolest Retailers Report

  • Canada Goose’s “Cold Room”: Customers can try on luxury coats at Canada Goose in the “cold room,” an immersive environment simulating snowfall and cold weather to showcase the product’s performance against the elements.
Canada Goose

Photo Credit: World’s Coolest Retailers Report

  • My Only Fragrance’s Personalized Perfume Creation:  At My Only Fragrance locations in Japan, customers concoct unique fragrances that reflect their own personalities. Customers are guided through the process of selecting scents that have significant meaning to their lives, creating a one-of-a-kind, memory-inducing perfume. 
My Only Fragrance

Photo Credit: World’s Coolest Retailers Report

Access our past publications here and stay tuned for upcoming publications. As always, connect with us to dive into these featured innovative concepts and discover the ideas that can inspire your next big creative move.

About Ebeltoft Group

Ebeltoft Group is a consortium of international retail consultancies of which we are a founding member. Kiki Lab is our Italian partner member and led this most recent publication with the World Retail Congress. 

About World Retail Congress

Since 2007, World Retail Congress has been the premier platform for in-depth research, content and events; driving retail growth and inspiring valuable global connections.

Zach Bringhurst

Zach Bringhurst is a Rising Senior at Brigham Young University's Marriott School of Business, studying strategic management. He is a summer intern at McMillanDoolittle supporting strategic frameworking, financial benchmarking, and business analysis, leveraging his background in restaurant management and marketing. Zach brings recent knowledge in developing and executing business strategies, and encouraging innovation.

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