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Dutch Beauty Leader’s House of Rituals Wows Guests with Holistic Wellness

Trend Spotlight from RI 2022: House of Rituals Invites Guests on a Journey toward Mindfulness 

This week we are highlighting an immersive flagship concept from our recently published Retail Innovations 2022 report section entitled Engagement In-store. This includes companies that build and exemplify superior in-store experiences, such as community building initiatives, personalization options, entertainment and education, brand showcases, gamification, valuable services and true expertise.

Today we feature Rituals, an Amsterdam-based company that unveiled a brand temple, its “House of Rituals,” fully dedicated to fostering mindfulness. Read on for a review of Rituals’ wellness flagship that commemorated the brand’s 20th anniversary.

Rituals’ Brand Temple is Designed to Nurture Mindfulness

Rituals is a leading Dutch beauty company with more than 600 stores across 27 countries throughout Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and North America. Their 20th anniversary flagship store House of Rituals opened in Amsterdam mid-pandemic covering four floors of immersive experiences alongside exclusive product collections. Designed to enrich the lives of its brand fans, House of Rituals is a sanctuary for relaxation. Luxury services encompass the Body Spa – which offers massages, facials, and a brow bar – and the Mind Spa – which offers a combination of ancient meditation and modern stress relief services.

Photo Credit: Rituals

Exclusively available at the House of Rituals is a type of craniosacral therapy or Brain Massage, which utilizes specific frequencies, tactile vibrations, and therapeutic music experience to guide customers into a meditative state of mind. The Breathing Bubble is another House of Rituals exclusive which invites customers to sit in a Sonic Chair and engage in an immersive breathwork exercise which propagates sound vibrations through the chair, rendering participants completely unaware to any outside noise.

Photo Credit: Rituals

Guests are also invited to enjoy personalized experiences through the Luxury Perfume Bar, which allows customers to personalize their fragrance bottles alongside customizable fragrance sticks and candles exclusive to the flagship’s Mansion Collection. Guests are treated to linger the whole day, dining at Restaurant Rouhi, curated by an in-house chef to stimulate the senses in a grounding and community-building culinary experience.

Photo Credit: Entrée Magazine

Photo Credit: Rituals

Rituals’ Mission to Foster Mindfulness Emphasizes Sustainability

Rituals is a Certified B Corporation focused on implementing environmental improvements to foster a sustainable future and has developed three sustainability pillars to define its initiatives: Clean, Conscious & Caring. Clean works to define the quality of the brand’s products which are carefully formulated with natural ingredients. Conscious encompasses the sustainable choices the brand makes for its packaging and in every step of business operations. The Caring pillar comes to life in the brand’s commitment to supporting and developing programs to contribute to “soulful societies,” such as giving to the Tiny Miracles Foundation which is dedicated to breaking poverty traps in Mumbai’s impoverished Pardeshi and Aarey communities.

Photo Credit: Rituals

Why We are Inspired

Rituals has built a compelling temple with a clear message, The retail concept encourages lingering and establishes an emotional connection by bringing the brand’s philosophy to life through a luxurious, guided journey toward greater mindfulness.

Photo Credit: Rituals

Stay tuned as we continue highlighting inspiring examples from each of our five key trend areas in the coming weeks. Follow along with us on our blog and our Instagram feed and stories.

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