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Can American Eagle Maintain Strong Performance Amid Increasing Competition?

McMillanDoolittle’s Emerson Delgado joined The Schwab Network’s Trading360 to discuss American Eagle’s recent performance. Although AEO beat forecasts, he notes several important trends to keep an eye on within fast fashion:

Schwab interview

Image Source: Schwab Network

  • Aerie has been the primary growth engine for AEO for years now: what will the group do if American Eagle remains stagnant and Aerie continues overachieving?
  • Zara and Inditex continue to indicate they will invest more heavily in US growth – what threat does this pose for AEO and other legacy US players?
  • How will SHEIN and Forever 21’s groundbreaking partnership announcement shake up the US fast fashion industry? (for more insight into this partnership, see our recent blog)

Emerson Delgado

Emerson leads McMillanDoolittle projects from start to completion, working collaboratively with client and internal stakeholders on strategic growth planning, digital transformation, consumer insights, and operational implementation initiatives.

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