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Announcing the Release of Retail Innovations 2021

We are pleased to announce the release of Retail Innovations 2021. For almost two decades, McMillanDoolittle has been tracking cutting edge concepts from around the world in collaboration with our global Ebeltoft partners, a consortium of leading retail and brand consulting firms active in 20 mature and emerging markets. RI 2021 highlights 50 cases from 15 countries across the following four trends: omni-integration, extreme experience, extreme convenience, and sustainable practices. The retailers and brands included in this year’s issue have not only managed to survive, overcoming the challenges of operating during a global pandemic, but also to thrive, reimaging how to better serve their customers and the environment.

And the Award Goes To…

Along with the release of RI’21, we are pleased to announce this year’s Innovation Award winner- Grocery Neighbor. Grocery Neighbor is a Canadian grocery concept delivering extreme convenience via an 18-wheeler. Each truck stocks a variety of products and can be found via mobile app which allows customers to track and flag the vehicles as well as to scan and pay for their items. It offers the convenience of grocery delivery without the hassle or waste, allowing customers to select their own items and use their own containers.  Not every neighborhood is designed to accommodate grocery stores on 18-wheels, but we are looking forward to following along to see how this concept is refined as it rolls out.

Image Courtesy of Grocery Neighbor

In the coming weeks, we will be highlighting each of our four key trend areas and a sampling of the retailers profiled. Follow along with us on our blog and on Instagram.

Download Retail Innovations 2021 here.

Alyson Fischer

Alyson Fischer is an engagement manager and cross-functional leader with 10+ years of experience helping Global 100 clients tell data-driven stories to elevate the customer experience and inspire dynamic engagement across channels.

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