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Announcing Our Digital-First Retail Executive Education Workshop

Immerse your teams in our 1-day strategy workshop to build a strong foundation to integrate digital-first concepts, tools, and processes enabling digital business transformation

Today’s Consumers Demand an Integrated Leadership Approach

At McMillanDoolittle, we believe there’s never been a better time to invest in your organization’s omnichannel leadership and cross-functional retail business acumen and capabilities.  It’s no secret that today’s consumers in retail markets around the world have demonstrated a preference to research and complete their purchase journey across digital and physical channels.  Both retailers and consumer brands have responded by beginning to integrate digital and store teams into cohesive omnichannel go-to-market business units.  In our years of experience across retail categories and verticals, we’ve observed that leaders of these newly formed business teams require an understanding of digital retail merchandising fundamentals, key elements of the purchase conversion funnel, benchmarking of success metrics, and critical aspects of providing leadership oversight of an integrated business team – all enabled by eCommerce technology, toolsets, and processes.

Global Leaders are Reaping the Rewards of Successful Digital Transformation

Respected global retailers such as Carrefour and Walmart are leading the way in the digital transformation of their business.  For example, Carrefour CEO Alexandre Bompard publicly stated, “We want to transform Carrefour, a traditional retailer with eCommerce capabilities, into a digital retail company which places digital and data at the heart of its operations and its value creation model”.  In its most recent earnings release, Carrefour indicated that its digital strategies grew revenue by 26% and the “Carrefour 2026” initiatives remain on track.  Similarly, Walmart has restated its mission to focus on being a “people-led, tech-enabled omnichannel retailer,” with the company now exceeding $100 billion in eCommerce annual sales for the first time in its history.

Unleash the Omnichannel Power of Your Brand

McMillanDoolittle now offers a 1-day Retail Executive Education Workshop aimed at upskilling leaders from outside the eCommerce silo with the foundational working knowledge of digital retailing fundamentals.  In addition, our workshop touches upon the emerging omnichannel business team, providing leaders with the tools to assess the skills and competencies of their teams, as well as the organizational framework necessary to operate effectively in the dynamic world of modern retail.  We are always here to support our clients with learning, development, and cultural transformation to ultimately achieve a winning, strategically aligned team and growth plan.

To learn more about our immersive retail executive workshop programming, please contact Scott Benedict at for a consultation.

Scott Benedict

Scott Benedict is an accomplished retail merchant, educator, consultant, author, board member, keynote speaker, and digital retailing executive with more than 35 years of diverse experience spanning traditional brick-and-mortar retailing, eCommerce, omnichannel, and international retail merchandising and operations.

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