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ALDI Shop & Go Brings Technology to Discount Retailing in New Checkout-free Store

Earlier this month, ALDI opened its first checkout-free store in the Netherlands in the city of Utrecht. Frank Quix, Managing Director from our Dutch partner Q&A Insights & Consultancy, visited this innovative store, and talks to Jan Oostvogels, CEO of ALDI The Netherlands, about this new step for the supermarket chain.

ALDI Shop & Go is located in Utrecht’s Lange Viestraat, nestled in the city center among lots of traffic. The concept is simple: shoppers (either individuals or groups) check in via the ALDI Shop & Go app upon entering the store, select their groceries, place them directly into a bag, and check out using the app when leaving the store. Payment is made automatically via the app and within minutes of the visit customers receive a digital receipt. Shelf sensors and ceiling-mounted cameras follow the movements of customers and items taken from shelves, so that shoppers are only charged for what they buy.

The 1,100sf store (which is about one-third the size of a typical ALDI) is stocked with the same items that ALDI usually carries, including a large fresh food assortment and a bakery. Shoppers can also purchase alcoholic beverages from a separate department that can be accessed after an employee verifies their age.

Curious about the store’s appearance? Take a tour of the store in the video below and learn more about this innovative concept and how ALDI is striving to make shopping quicker, easier and simpler for its customers. Frank and Jan delve deep into the shopping process and discuss the development of the concept, the technology behind it and how Shop & Go is a natural next step for the retailer.

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