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Finding Opportunity, Assessing Risk, and Outlining Growth

Our Investor Services Practice Builds long term relationships with investment firms and their portfolio companies.

For nearly four years, consumer confidence has hovered in the mid-to-high 90’s.  With an unemployment rate of 3.6% in early 2019, the job market has rarely been as good.  And total retail spending has been growing annually by at least 3.25% since 2014.

Yet the “health” of retailers is radically divergent.  The bankruptcies and store closings of both private and publicly held companies are highly publicized.  And looking beyond the horizon, generational shifts, concentration of wealth, and rapid technological disruptions all contribute to a highly volatile marketplace.  Investors increasingly navigate both risk and opportunity.close-up of antique cash registerMcMillanDoolittle’s investment services practice helps uncover the mid-to-long term potential for growth and profitability of retailers and brands.  Our unique strategic focus on retail, access to proprietary data and research, in-house consumer insights services, and unique team of consultants and executives has proven to benefit equity investors, their portfolio companies, and hedge funds.  From retail intelligence, buy and sell side due diligence, operations and performance, and through ongoing relationships with portfolio companies, we provide a full suite of services to investors.   Our efforts have resulted in ongoing and multi-engagement relationships with both large and small firms.

If you are interested in learning more about our investment services practice, our capabilities, and our deep expertise in the evaluation of risk, opportunity, customer insight, and growth, read more here or contact us.


David Weiss

David is an accomplished retail executive bringing nearly 20 years of industry experience to each client project. David has worked for multi-billion dollar global companies, venture-funded start-ups and private-equity owned turnarounds. He is known for identifying opportunities, creating focus, and building cohesive business strategies.

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