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Discount Tire’s Pit Pass Format Offers a Refreshing Spin on Auto Service

Earlier this month McMillanDoolittle launched Retail Innovations 2023, our annual publication featuring cutting edge retail concepts from around the world. In our second innovation feature, we are highlighting a new format disrupting the automotive service experience – Discount Tire’s Pit Pass. Please contact us to discuss how we can help your company uncover efficiencies to streamline the customer experience and reduce operating costs.

Discount Tire launched its drive-thru concept Pit Pass last October in a bid to offer the most efficient customer experience model in the auto service market.  Each step of the Pit Pass customer journey is designed to replicate the efficiency of racing pit stops:

  • Customers are encouraged to make an appointment ahead of time on the Discount Tire mobile app or website.
  • Upon arrival, customers are greeted by an employee and guided to a service bay where technicians will complete tire installation and other wheel services without the customer leaving their vehicle.
  • Customers have access to digital displays that show the vehicle’s service status in real-time, along with any updates and product or service recommendations from the technician.
  • Customers are armed with real-time, low-pressure information to decide if they would like to schedule a follow-up appointment or opt to purchase any add-on products or services.

Discount Tire’s Pit Pass significantly improves access to tire services and reduces key points of friction (appointment setting, wait times, etc.) through digital automation. Auto repair and service has been a laggard in both digital integration and customer experience. Discount Tire’s drive-thru experience is one of the first formats that supports the customer journey with digital tools and information that not only creates efficiency but puts the customer in control in an industry plagued by mistrust. To learn more about Pit Pass and other innovative concepts highlighted in Retail Innovations 2023, download the latest edition of our annual report here.


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Ava Buechel

Ava provides market and consumer research, planning, and analysis support for McMillanDoolittle retail consulting projects. Her experience in marketing, digital transformation, brand strategy, and retail innovation brings an updated perspective in the fast-paced business climate of today.

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