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Customer Insights & Experience Design

Your customer experience is how consumers engage with your brand.

Our comprehensive customer insights and experience design services help clients strategically transform the customer journey across all touchpoints.

Our Customer Experience Services Include:

  • Voice of Customer Intercepts
  • Focus Groups & In-Depth Interviews
  • Social & Online Listening
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Customer Experience Design
  • Qualitative Research


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Our primary customer research services help businesses better understand the people they serve

At McMillanDoolittle, we believe there are no average retailers, and that ultimately, the winners base their direction on consumers. Our talented team of researchers excels at timely and relevant consumer insights developed through creative research that aligns strategy and positioning with successful execution.

We utilize multiple methods to engage customers, distill insights, and inspire teams and clients to address people’s needs through innovative solutions that work:

  • Survey Research: We engage customers at scale through robust, bespoke quantitative research
  • Voice of Customer Intercepts (VOC): We utilize VOC and ethnography to observe shopper behavior and start a conversation when feedback is truly top of mind
  • Focus Groups & In-Depth Interviews (IDI’s): Our qualitative research provides an opportunity to get closer to customers, deeply discussing new ideas and concepts
  • Social & Online Listening: We distill insights from big data on digital channels to better understand customers’ unprompted feedback

We believe it’s time for all brands and retailers to rethink their strategy and rethink their business to shift to what today and tomorrow’s customers want.


McMillanDoolittle 8C's model

By leveraging our proprietary 8C’s model, we help clients identify opportunities to strengthen their positioning, deepen relationships with their target customers, and win. We help you shape the customer experience across the digital and physical worlds.

Our Services

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Personalized guidance from inspiration to implementation to impact.

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Big ideas dreamed, tested and built around your goals.

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Optimized operation driving physical and digital channel success and management momentum you can measure.

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Understanding customers and shaping a physical and digital customer journey that reinforces your brand.

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Invaluable knowledge and insights from true retail experts.

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Strategy that sparks and sustains investments, growth and opportunity.