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Ebeltoft Group Presents: Global Cross Channel Retailing Report

Inside this report you will find an assessment of the maturity found in cross channel retailing with local market analysis being conducted by the Ebeltoft Group members around the world.

We have included benchmarks, case studies and pictures of cross channel retailing at work. Designed for any Senior Executive struggling with today’s issues of how to prioritize cross channel investments and improve their customer experience.

Scope of the report:
  • 146 leading retailers
  • 16 countries
  • 4 Retail categories: 
-General merchandise retailers
-Do-It-Yourself retailers
-Electrical Goods retailers
-Fashion retailers

Objective: To benchmark large multi-channel retailers at a global and category level relative to market environments, and to provide key issues to assist retailers in determining the right cross channel solutions now and in the future.

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